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Welcome to gakart08! The intent of this site is to highlight a few personal artistic achievements, as well as keep you up to date on the latest projects and opportunities to view and purchase my work. My simple truth is that I am a Creative. I have always been. Although I have lived other productive and fulfilling 'careers' with great satisfaction, this one has somehow found its way back to me. As one expands in life, what you may have explored and shaped in another moment, can find a 'new life' in a different time. For those that have been on a similar ride, you understand. All the pieces to your personal puzzle merging. It takes courage to share, and that happens once we learn to judge ourselves less, and realize that fear is the great obstructer. Express yourself, for no one else sees the world as you do.  We are all unique and gifted. gak


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Many of us spend our lives searching for purpose. We strive for that often illusive 'something that makes me feel alive', challenged, connected, that when all is said and done, perhaps we’ve made an uplifting contribution to the world and humanity. Throughout that relatively short span of time, our purpose is re-evaluated and scrutinized, re-shaped and refined, and if we follow the natural flow, ultimately our expansion realized. It seems as though we are either dragged along for this unfolding kicking and screaming in our fearfully misguided resistance, or happily follow our natural force downstream. Today, I choose to resist and control less, and am learning to release the oars more. So here I lie, reclined in my boat, face to the sky, flowing with the current of my own intentions, loving the ride towards my truer self. My truer purpose.


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My current adventure is ongoing with gakart08. I have the good fortune to have entered into an image licensing agreement with a spectacular company called Caroline's Treasureslocated in Mobile, Alabama. Owners Denny and Ron's creative line of Home & Garden "Made in America' products can be found on their own website the-store, while in tandem on several of the online mega shopping platforms in the world, including Amazon, Walmart and Wayfair. Links are provided here that will take you directly to merchandise with my specific images on them, but I invite you to explore all of the merchandise and artists they have to offer. The first products featuring my images to roll-out are from my 'Fresh Market' series. At some point, there may be an expanded line of wall art items available with other gakart08 images, and I will update social media and this website with that information as this adventure continues to evolve.

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